Front Entrance Opportunity


CIAE is always looking for innovative ways to make the best first impression and as such, we are seeking proposals for an interactive and exciting installation to be displayed at the front entrance of our show.

If you like to be unique, independent and up for a spectacular challenge then this opportunity may be for you. This platform will offer artists the chance to truly make a memorable impression and interact with all incoming attendees as they initially enter the event.


We are flexible in the type of structure or art work that will be selected to be displayed at the front entrance. As such, we will do our best to customize the installation space as to fulfill your needs.


  1. Global Exposure: You will be taking part in one of the first and biggest international art competition in Canada;
  2. Customized Space: We will work collectively with you to accommodate the required front entrance space you need to display your structure or work; and
  3. Interact with art community: This event will bring together a wide range of art enthusiasts, collectors and buyers. You will not only have the opportunity to showcase your work at the front of the line but will be the first to truly interact with all of your spectacular guests.

For more information please contact us.