If I buy a booth, can I share my booth with another artist who is not registered? In other words, can I and a friend register under the same booth?
No, sharing a single booth is not possible.  Each artist must purchase and maintain her/his own individual booth.

How many artists can be included in a Gallery?
There is no specific number of artists or limit set for a Gallery. Each Gallery has the discretion to set her/his own amount.

If an artist or gallery sells a work of art, will the C.I.A.E. take a percentage of the sale?
The C.I.A.E. will offer artists and galleries the opportunity to market and sell their work within our venue but C.I.A.E. will not be taking any fee from the sales or transactions made during the Exhibition.

What is the process for bringing in and removing any art work at the Exhibition?
An email notification will be sent to all artists specifying all information including the appropriate procedures as well as timing for bringing into and removing art works from the premises.
If a work of art is sent from abroad and the artist is unable to attend, C.I.A.E. will gladly take care of all assembly and removal procedures for the art work but a fee will apply for this service.

Is my work insured by the C.I.A.E.?
No, all works of art entered within the Exhibition must be insured independently by the artist.

How many tickets does each artist receive after registration?
A reasonable amount of tickets will be given to each artist registered within the Exhibition. Details on the exact amount will be disclosed at a later time.

How can I take part in the Art Battle?
Further details will be posted shortly on the website regarding requirements for the Art Battle.

What is the Art Chat?
Each day during the Exhibition, C.I.A.E. will be offering seminars where a series of selected artists will be invited to discuss topics related to the Arts as well as speak about their art works.

What is a VIP Wall?
This wall will celebrate, commemorate, and display famous art works from renowned artists across the world.

How are sculptures presented and displayed at the C.I.A.E.?
C.I.A.E. will be allocating specific areas designed for the display of sculptures. Artists who wish to display a sculpture should contact one of our representatives prior to the Exhibition for further details.

How does the C.I.A.E. help those who require a visa to enter Canada?
C.I.A.E. has an exceptional lawyer that can gladly assist with visa requirements. If an artist requires a visa for entry to Canada for the purpose of the Exhibition, they should contact one of our representatives for further details.

How can I pay for a booth?
C.I.A.E. welcomes the following forms of payment for the purchase of a booth: cheque, wire transfer as well as credit cards.
The Canadian International Art Exhibition cannot accept foreign cheques.
Please make all Certified Cheques payable to Canadian International Art Exhibition Corp.

Wire Transfer:

Account Name:    Canadian International art Exhibition Corp.
Bank Name:          TD Canada Trust
Bank Address:      10395 Yonge St. Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 3C2
Transit No.            05692     Institution No. 004    Account No. 5234787
ABA No.                  026009593 (USD transfer)
All transactions are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If I require furniture or lighting inside my booth, what should I do?
If you require supplementary furniture or lighting accommodations, please feel free to contact one of our representatives for further details and pricing.

What is the Yearbook?
All artists who participate in the Exhibition will have their names, biographies and art works inserted in a yearbook which will later be published and distributed to museums and libraries across Canada.

Can I select the location of my booth?
C.I.A.E. will locate each group of artists in accordance to the category of art work displayed. Artists within a certain category can select a specific location within their designated area on a first-come first-serve basis.