Exhibitor Application Form


Please note:

  • All payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • All funds are in Canadian dollars.
  • May be paid by credit card (VISA, MasterCard) or by certified cheque.
  • All credit card payments will appear on your statements as Canadian International Art Exhibition Corp.

Meet over 20.000 visitors who love art.

Connect with a supportive network of independent artists as well as collectives working in a variety of media around the world.

Create your own professional and artistic space featuring your unique art work for the world to see.

Exhibition Dates: December 08-10, 2017

Location:  The International Centre, 6900 Airport Rd, Mississauga, ON L4V 1E8, Canada



Exhibition Exclusivity

Upon registering for the art exhibition, you will receive a contract that contains a complete exclusivity clause. We will market and promote all of the artists internationally. The Canadian International Art Exhibition is an exclusive art show and as such, we embrace artists who adhere to our philosophy of exclusivity by making their works of art unavailable in other shows 30 days before and 30 days after the dates of our art exhibition within a 50-kilometre from the CIAE show.

Selection Criteria

  • The Canadian International Art Exhibition only accepts original fine art and does not accept the display of furniture, craft, decorative arts, glass/ceramics, carpets, or decorative carpets.
  • Photomechanical reproductions such as prints run off a commercial printing press, offset lithographs, and embellished commercial reproductions are not permitted, with the exception of photography/digital media categories.
  • Reproductions including posters, t-shirts, calendars, postcards, and fabrics are not permitted in the exhibition.

Collectives and Sharing the Booth

Booths may not be shared by other artists (with the exception of registering as a gallery).

Artist Collectives must submit documentary evidence proving previous exhibiting experiences. Collectives are eligible to apply for 10’ x 16’ booths only.



Solo Artist only

This is the name that will be included in the artist directory for the public. Artists are not permitted to apply using a gallery name.
Galleries only
This is the name that will be included in the gallery directory for the public. Artists are not permitted to apply using a gallery name.

Please indicate below what information you would like to receive from the show:
For more information or to unsubscribe from receiving any commercial electronic communications from the Canadian International Art Exhibition, please directly contact a representative at:
TD Centre North Tower, 1038-77 King St. West,Toronto, ON M5K 1P2 or email us at info@art4exhibition.ca.

CIAE will provide a platform for all exhibitors to canvass their work. CIAE will provide booths on a first-come, first-serve basis. All structures and works must comply with the following restrictions:

• Work or structure may not extend beyond the limits of the booth space (either 10’x8’ – 10’x16’ – 10’x24′ with a height of 10’). Arrangements can be made for additional space upon request;
• All work and structures must be ready for display upon arrival;
• All work and structures must be presented in their original format;copies are not accepted;
All necessary equipment will need to be provided by the exhibitors independently;and
• Lighting is also not included with this fee however option to rent such service can be arranged

For all artists who wish to display a sculpture, prices will be assessed.
Please send your application form and a cost estimate will be given subsequently.
Max Characters: 1000